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Our contribute

Our contribute
The Association can contribute with a wide range of possible solutions to support training on risk management.

1. A.RI.M.AS. helps everybody needs to find trainer with specific skills on the various aspects of risk management activity.

2. A.RI.M.AS. organizes courses in collaboration with universities and training societies on various aspects of risk management.

3. A.RI.M.AS. supports all the initiatives arising from the mission of our association

A.RI.M.AS. collaborates with lots of university to develop the Risk Management Culture.

To have more information about our links with the universities, please contact us.

Risk Indentification

The first step in Risk Management is to find out what the hidden risks in your business are. Knowing what the Identification process is, is the only way. It is the first stage of the Risk Management Process. Through a guided course you will know what Identification means and what its role and value is, also which techniques and tools risk managers have on hand.

Risk Measurement/Risk Metrics qualitative and quantitative methodologies

Do you know which methods or techniques are useful for your objectives and which one better assesses your assets? This course makes you more aware and informed on these tools. It helps you to choose which data and information to collect and how to use it.

Risk Treatment

After Identification and Measurement the next step for every risk manager is how to treat all risks. Is the only answer insurance? Insurance is an important tool for Risk Managers but it is not the only answer to risks. With this course you will learn other techniques to fight risks.

Enterprise Risk Magement/Strategic Risk Management

ERM/SRM is an effective process in monitoring and managing risks in support of a company's strategic goals. Through an efficient and effective risk management, enterprise can create a competitive advantage and improve the value of the shareholders . The purpose of this course is to teach what ERM is, showing when it works and how it does so!

Crisis Management

You must be ready if an adverse event happens to your company or to one of your best businesses. You can't know where, how and when the event will happen, but you will be able to prepare your company in case it does. By attending this course you will be able to understand what can be done and what forces and tools can be better used.


What you can do, or even better what you must do if your products have a fault that can harm people? You must immediately withdraw it from the market. This is technically called Recall This course teaches support through past experience in what to do, and how to do it.

Weather Derivatives

The climate on Earth is changing, there is a new way or better still, new tools to avoid it, helping the sun stay in your company. Weather Derivatives helps your company to protect the vital assets for your business as raw materials. These instruments are sophisticated and useful in the treatment of volume risks. This is the first course in this field.


Only the biggest only the best have it! Why do they have this kind of re-insurance company? What kind of advantages do they give to their owners. After this course you will understand what this kind of company is, what are the business aspects, how it works and what its pros and cons are.

ICT Risks

This fast and growing industry is undervalued a lot of the time by Top Management. It can be a big source of risk in many ways, while you are using ICT as well as while you are producing it. To manage ICT risks means to be able to find out where these risks are hidden. This course helps Managers to learn what they are and how to manage them, when ICT is a tool in support of the company's business, as well as ICT as the core business for the company.

A.RI.M.AS. collaborates with lots of university to develop the Risk Management Culture.

To have more information about our links with the universities, please contact us